Career in Babil Studios

With over 7 years of game development experience; we are an energetic, inspiring, creative team that enjoys what we do and manage to provide happy moments to millions of mobile users.

In our studio; we think, design and develop Hyper-Casual games and offer them to mobile users to give them enjoyable moments. With an approach that is aware of how good games require good teamwork, we share our ideas with our team and create games that will make every player happy with a user-oriented approach.

If you like to play, think and develop games, and want to exceed the limits of your creativity, we would like to see you as a part of our team

If you are ready to;

  • Increase your creativity day by day,
  • Become stronger with teamwork and be an expert at this job,
  • Have team fun days, company and holiday events,
  • Be one of the creators of popular games,
  • Enjoy your work,

Check out our new current positions to be a part of our team.

Career opportunities

We are openning a new office in Adana

Babil Studios is also starting to operate in Adana. To see career opportunities in the city you want, check out our new current positions to be a part of our team.

  1. SR Game Developer
  2. JR Game Developer
  3. SR Game Artist

Office Photos

If you want to help each other and exchange ideas as a team with the weekly 'Idea Thursday' event, and also have a pleasant time in a working environment that goes beyond work with table tennis, fifa and concept parties, Babil Studios is just for you